Certified breast care specialist, Josephine

Mobile Mastectomy Service

Post surgery breast care in the privacy of your own home

Hi, my name is Josephine Maniscalco, the Amoena certified breast care specialists, and I am pleased to announce our new mobile mastectomy service that comes to you.

Whether you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reconstruction, reduction or augmentation you will now be able to be fitted for a bra and prosthesis in the comfort of your own home, retirement village, or nursing home.

If you prefer to visit us in-house, you’re welcome to make an appointment.

Experience, expertise and care

At Nocturnal Lingerie, caring for women is important to us, and we understand the trauma and stress, both physical and emotional that accompanies the aftermath of breast surgery.

For over 15 years, I have personally fitted women of all shapes and sizes with a range of comfortable and stylish bras.

You can be rest assured that you’ll be receiving the best care possible.

We will work with you to find the right breast form and bra to compliment your body shape and size, and to fit in with your lifestyle. We can also fit any woman who has undergone breast surgery with swimwear, sleepwear, activewear, and lingerie, all in the latest fashions.

We want you to feel comfortable, sexy and restored.

Take advantage of the $400 Government Rebate

The Australian Government allows women purchasing a new or replacement breast form to receive a rebate of up to $400 for each breast form every two years.

It is important to have regular checks as your size and body shape can change over time, and prostheses may need to be replaced.

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